EstateX Takes Another Giant Leap Forwards

3 min readApr 16, 2022

EstateX passed a new milestone as the 2nd round of it’s token presale sold out in less than 2 minutes! Almost twice as fast as the 1st round, and with almost double the amount of tokens available!

Bart de Bruijn, COO of EstateX: ‘We are grateful for the support of our growing community of loyal supporters who share our vision and want to be part of the property investment and ownership Revolution. This round of funding will enable EstateX to bring its vision of decentralized property investment and ownership closer to a reality.’

At the forefront of current activity is compliance. With both a payment token and a security token in development, ensuring compliance with both current and potential future financial regulations is critical to the projects success. Fortunately, the EstateX Team are working with some of the best legal minds in the blockchain space to overcome any potential challenges.

Progressions are being made in the development of the $ESX Token smart contracts with multiple use cases and utility being further defined. This includes the revolutionary EstateX Pay solution, providing instant liquidity on real estate investments, paying with real estate investments and working out the steps to enable cross chain functionality.

Available exclusively to presale investors. EstateX will soon be showcasing the first generation of highly innovative EstateX NFT’s.

There is an exciting month of activity planned in the buildup to the launch of the 3rd round of the $ESX Token Presale on the 2nd May, this includes press features including articles in both Crypto Weekly and Crypto Monthly, where EstateX will be featured in the world’s first in-print magazine focused on the Crypto industry.

With worldwide distribution of the magazine secured across major retailers and transit stations around the world (including Walmart in the USA, WH Smiths in the UK and much more!), this feature will bring huge awareness of the EstateX solution to a wide international audience, with hundreds of thousands of copies being distributed to its readers.

There will be a lot of activity across social media with collaborations with KOL’s and Influencers across the world, complemented with a busy schedule of AMA’S across many different investor communities.

With a focus on financial literacy and giving back to the community, make sure you sign up to the Whitelist and follow the EstateX telegram to be kept up to date with free educational guides, giveaways and Airdrops!

Thomas Onel, CEO, says: ‘We are excited for the future as every day we take another step and forge new partnerships that bring our EstateX vision to life. We look forward to taking our community with us on this exciting journey, as we are very much at the beginning of what really will be a revolution.’

Round 3 of the Presale Launches Monday 2nd May at 6pm UTC.

Limited Whitelist Spaces Available. Click here to Join and be eligible to take part in the presale.




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