EstateX – Not your typical crypto project

2 min readNov 20, 2022

The last few weeks have been pretty turbulent across the world of crypto.

We’d firstly like to assure you that all EstateX investor funds are in safe custodianship with absolutely no exposure to either Alameda or FTX.

These recent events remind us how fragile and volatile the Crypto market is, but also that we are all still pioneers in this new digital frontier.

However, EstateX is far from your typical crypto project.

The success of EstateX is separated from the price of bitcoin or crypto market sentiment.

Our success is not based on hype, but by making accessible to our community a portfolio of real world asset investments that generates a real world passive income.

Unlike many other blockchain projects, our solution portfolio uses Web3 technologies to enable new solutions that addresses existing problems and challenges currently faced across the real estate investment industry.

We’re solving a real business problem, giving people access to an alternative, flexible investment option that’s secured with physical real world assets.

We’re confident in the future for EstateX, and are committed to maximising the opportunities for our investors.

We invite you to join us as we revolutionize the future of property investment, lending and ownership.

Final Public Community $ESX Presale Opens on Monday 28th November at 7PM. Click here to join the whitelist




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