EstateX Announces Strategic Partnership with BeckfordHuss to Turbocharge Their Marketing

3 min readDec 22, 2021


We’re very excited to announce that we have partnered with BeckfordHuss Crypto to manage our marketing, turbo-boosting our awareness and investment activities as we take EstateX to the next level!

BeckfordHuss will be joining EstateX fresh on the success of their most recent crypto project, Victoria VR — the worlds’ first blockchain based metaverse in virtual reality.

For Victoria VR, the team at BeckfordHuss were responsible for full-scope marketing, branding, awareness, hype building and business development. They have grown social communities across multiple platforms with hundreds of thousands of active investors, crypto enthusiasts and project fans.

They have developed investment materials that have raised millions of dollars from Silicon Valley Crypto investors. The $VR token achieved over 170X at its IEO earlier this month, increasing the market cap of Victoria VR from $2m to over $300M!

BeckfordHuss CEO, Steven Beckford said: “This is the perfect time to be launching a decentralised solution for property investment. I like the fact that we will be empowering everyday individuals with access to the property market without the usual restrictions of needing a large amount of available finance or a high credit rating.

With our passion for innovative, disruptive and world changing crypto projects, we will be bringing to EstateX the same team, knowledge, experience, networks and much more that rocketed the Victoria VR Token up into the stratosphere and on its way to the moon!

We are definitely going to be disrupting the market, and we’re going to make sure everyone knows about it! Expect to start seeing some positive changes straight away, but also know that our team will be working away in the background, getting ready to turn up the hype machine as soon as we’ve got everything in place for us to really blow things up.

We will build on the already passionate community, remembering the original investors who believed in the project from the early days and to whom we are especially grateful for their continued support and input. We will work to maximise the token value and utility for all investors and will be giving a wide range of rewards including airdrops, property whitelisting, giveaways, exclusive NFT’s and much more!”

Thomas Onel, CEO of EstateX: ‘We’re always looking for the best ways to make this ambitious project a success. We wanted to do something special with our marketing and together with BeckfordHuss, we are planning some really amazing things that we can’t wait to share with our community! That’s why we are so excited and proud to announce this partnership and what we are going to be able to achieve.

As we launch EstateX together, we look forward to taking the company to new, never before seen heights, showcasing our revolutionary project to the world that will be democratising the real estate market, opening up to everyone investment opportunities that have traditionally been reserved only for the rich.’

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