[Breaking News] North American Presale: Your Chance to Invest in the Future of Real Estate 🏡📈

4 min readApr 10, 2023


Dear EstateX Family,

Are you ready for the biggest opportunity in real estate investing? We are thrilled to announce that the North American Presale is right around the corner on April 17th, and we have some exciting updates to share with you.

As you may know, the Securities and Exchanges Commission and the Canadian Standards Association have tightened regulations on cryptocurrency and digital asset investing. But here at EstateX, we never give up on our dedicated stakeholders. We have worked tirelessly to find solutions to these challenges and are proud to say that we have successfully navigated the North American and Canadian accreditation process.

Due to regulations from the SEC & CSA around securities, it is necessary for us to collect paperwork from all the U.S. & Canadian citizens that already have invested.

In both Canada and the U.S. we are able to accept an unlimited amount of accredited investors and limited amount of retail investors. This includes the people that already have invested.

For our U.S. friends, we are offering this opportunity to accredited investors and non-accredited investors pursuant to Rule 506(b) of Regulation D under the Securities Act. We have completed the filing process with the SEC, so you can trust that EstateX is fully compliant with all regulations.

In Canada, we are working with the private Issuer exemption. This allows us to accept investors under specific conditions, and we have conducted various activities, including videos, marketing materials, online AMAs, and engagement on Telegram channels and chats, to ensure that our Canadian investors are fully informed and ready to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

*Accredited Investors*

We are able to accept Accredited Investors without any limitations, with the process requiring you to self-certify your status. We request all existing and potential accredited investors to reach out to us directly at Marketing@estatex.eu.

For retail investors in both the USA and Canada, there will be a limited number of spots available.

*NFT Holders*

Our existing NFT holders will be given first priority to keep or increase their $ESX Token holdings. It is essential that you get in touch before the 17th April to confirm your intent so we can issue you with the respective paperwork.

*Non NFT holders and New Investors*

For those who do not currently hold an NFT or have not yet invested: We still have a limited number of spots available. To explore your options, you must contact us as soon as possible via Telegram at @bartdebruijn or email us at marketing@estatex.eu.

It is essential that ALL existing and new North American investors (Accredited, NFT holders and non-nft holders) contact us as soon as possible with confirmation of their intent, as on the 17th April we will be issuing the necessary documentation for signing to all eligible investors.

All existing North American investors who are unable to secure a spot, will receive a limited edition 1/100 Las Vegas Skyscraper NFT packed with perks for free.

So, if you’re ready to invest in the future of real estate, we urge all investors to reach out to us as soon as possible via Telegram at @bartdebruijn or email us at marketing@estatex.eu.

We can’t wait to work with you to create a brighter future in real estate investing. Stay tuned for more updates, and make sure to follow our official channel @estatexannouncements to stay in the loop!

Thank you for being a valued part of the EstateX family. Let’s make history together.



Q: I’ve already invested. Why do I also need to fill in paperwork?

A: Due to regulations in the US and Canada, it is required that ALL of our investors complete additional documentation.

Q: What do I need to fill in in the new paperwork?

A: The process is very simple, it just requires some basic personal details, a simple questionnaire and the amount you wish to investment. We will provide you with fully detailed instructions once the paperwork has been issued to you.

Q: When is the presale happening and how does it work?

A: The documents will be send out to all investors on the 17th of April. Once we have receieved your agreement you will be invited to invest based on which phase you are in. We will provide you with the full details to make a payment. Do not transfer any funds before we accept your agreement.

Q: Can every North American citizen participate in this presale?

A: We can accept unlimited accredited investors and a limited amount of retail investors in both countries. Please send @bartdebruijn a dm or send an email to marketing@estatex.eu to explore your options.

Q: Who will receive the paperwork first?

A: The documents will go out in the 3 following priority phases;

Phase 1: Current NFT Holders & accredited investors

Phase 2: Current Non-NFT Holders & new investors who want to obtain an NFT

Phase 3: Remaining investors

Q: Is this my last chance to invest in the $ESX presale?

A: Yes. This will be the last chance for all North American to invest. Existing investors will also be able to add to their investment.




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